7.62mm PKMS Kalashnikov modernized machine gun on a Stepanov mount

7.62mm PKMS Kalashnikov modernized machine gun on a Stepanov mount

The 7.62 mm PKMS Kalashnikov modernized machine gun on a Stepanov mount is a powerful self-firer and is intended to kill hostile personnel and fire means as well as engage aerial targets.

The machine gun is mounted on a Stepanov tripod mount that ensures the stability of the machine gun and enables it to be effectively fired against ground and aerial targets from different firing positions, and increases the effectiveness of fire at maximum ranges.

The machine gun fires cartridges with conventional, tracer and AP-incendiary bullets and bullets of increased penetrability.

Firing angle against ground targets with the use of stops — 60°, and against aerial targets — 360°.

Technical data
Caliber, mm 7.62
Number of grooves 4
Rate of fire, rds/min 600-800
Muzzle velocity, m/s 825
Aiming range, m up to 1500
Direct fire range, m:
on half-silhouette target
on moving silhouette target

Firing height from the positions, mm:

Belt capacity, rds 200
Cartridge 7.62×54R
Guarantee resource with two barrels and use of individual SPTA set, rds, no less 25000
Length of machine gun, mm 1160
Height of machine gun, mm 378,7
Width of machine gun, mm 750±20
Weight of machine gun, kg 12
Operational temperature range, °C ±50
Combat fire rate, rds/min to 250
7.62mm Barrel service life with cartridges LPSG when the modes of fire are followed, rds 17500
Guarantee service life, years 15
Shelf life when kept in dead storage, years 7
Absence of failures, number of stoppages per machine gun resource in normal conditions just due to machine gun, no more 0.2%

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