Falanga Target system

Falanga Target system


Target system based on Falanga-M upgraded antitank guided missile

Intended to launch maneuvering air target imitators (simulators) to reproduce characteristics of air attack means in both infrared and radio spectra.

The target features emitters in the visible spectrum to provide vision for a gunner as well as ensure a path record by means of monitoring equipment. Optionally it can be fitted with false IR targets of Grozd and Diez type to be launched onto the trajectory.

Technical data

Technical Characteristics
Caliber, mm 142
Length, mm 1165
Weight, kg 31
Maximum flight velocity, m/s 230
Flight range, km up to 6
Flight altitude, km up to 2
Time of flight, s up to 70
Number of maneuvering programs up to 8
Weight of launcher, kg 55
Weight of firing panel with electric cable, kg 7
Weight of radio transmitter, kg 2