RGS-50M Special Grenade Launching System

RGS-50M Special Grenade Launching System


Depending on the ammunition type grenade launcher RGS-50M can be used for defeating or putting temporarily the manpower and  transport facilities out of action, as well as for breaking glass panels and emergency opening of doors.

As the grenade launcher is a non-automatic weapon, all the procedures  of reloading and taking a shot are performed manually by the  gunner. In this case, the powder gas energy is used just for imparting forward movement to the projectile.

Technical data

Calibre, mm 50
Mass without round, kg
Length, mm
Height, mm
Width, mm
Barrel length, mm
Maximum length of recoil, mm
Guaranteed life, shots
Operating temperature range, ºC -40 ... +50

 For the rocket launcher firing the following rounds can be used:

   - ГС-50М       -   with grenade having  lachrymatory and irritant action; 
   - ГС-50ПМ    -   with drill (practice) grenade;
   - ГСЗ-50       -   with sound and flash grenade;
   - ЭГ-50         -   with impact-shock element;
   - ЭГ-50М      -   with rubber grape shots;
   - ГВ-50         -   with element for door locks knocking out;
   - ГО-50         -   with fragmentation grenade;
   - ГК-50         -   with hollow-charge grenade;
   - ГД-50         -   with smoke grenade;
   - БК-50         -   with lead grape shots for breaking glass obstacles.