DP65 small-sized remotely controlled antidiversion grenade launching system

DP65 small-sized remotely controlled antidiversion grenade launching system


Small-sized remotely controlled anti-diversion grenade launcher system DP-65 is designed to defend:
  • the ships against attacks of underwater swimmers at the outer roadsteads, basing points and at the open anchorages;
  • the water-development works, sea-based platforms and other key sea-based and coastal installations against attacks of underwater swimmers.

System DP-65 is used for:
  • the grenade launcher aiming at the target coordinates formed by the sonar;
  • the target marking by launching signal rocket grenades ГРС-55;
  • the target destruction by single or salvo launching of rocket grenades РГ-55М.
When using with sonar station “Анапа-МЭ”, system DP-65 ensures automatic detection of the target, its classification and designation, as well as, automatic use of grenade launcher 98У when aiming at the target and its tracking.

Technical data

Technical Characteristics
Calibre, mm 55
Number of barrels, pc. 10
Elevation, grad -33 to +48
Traversing angle, grad ±165
Elevation rate, grad/s 10
Traversing rate, grad/s 15
Firing range, m:
maximum 500
minimum 50
Grenade launcher mass (without grenades), kg 132
Grenade launcher overall dimensions, mm 970x780x1820
Control panel mass, kg 30
Control panel overall dimensions, mm 562x250x370
Power unit mass, kg 46
Power unit overall dimensions, mm 710x300x370
Grenade launcher crew, pers. 2