RPG-7V2 Hand-held antitank grenade launcher

RPG-7V2 Hand-held antitank grenade launcher


The grenade launcher is based on the layout of multi-use recoilless trigger mechanism and of round with over-caliber warhead.

The grenade launcher features a widening of the barrel in its middle part — charge chamber — to use the power of propellant charge more completely, and a flare in the breech — to ensure system recoilless.
Along with the mechanical device, the grenade launcher features an optical sight.

The continuous design of new rounds to the grenade launcher with grenades of various damaging action, upgrade of sighting devices considerably widen the capabilities of the grenade launcher making it a multi-purpose one.

Technical data

Technical Characteristics
Caliber, mm 40
Length, mm 950
Weight with optical sight, kg 6.3
Combat firing rate, rds/min 4 — 6