Round 3UBK20 with guided missile 9M119M

Round 3UBK20 with guided missile 9M119M


Round 3UBK20 with guided missile 9M119M is a round of separate loading, designed for defeat of armoured vehicles including ones equipped with dynamic protection, small size targets of firing emplacement of fortified emplacement type, low-flying attacking air targets with low speed and targets which are over water surface.

The control system is semi-automatic, jamming invulnerable, by a laser beam.

The firing of 3UBK20 round is performed with smoothbore gun 2A45 of systems 9K118 and D81 of tanks T-72C, T-80U, T-90C both in a stationary position and when moving. The temperature range during combat use is from +50°C to −50°C.

The round is an effective weapon under conditions of optical visibility of targets under different weather conditions and under conditions of arid and humid tropical climate.

Technical data

Technical Characteristics
Components of a round  guided missile 9M119M,
launching mechanism 9X949
Range of fire, m maximum 5000
minimum 100
Flight time of missile 9M119M at a distance of 5000 m, s 17.6
Calibre of missile 9M119M, mm 125
Warhead type tandem, shaped-charge
Normal armour-piercing ability to the armour, mm 700
Mass of the round, kg
missile 9M119M
launching mechanism 9X949