9M120 (9M120F) Ataka Missile

9M120 (9M120F) Ataka Missile


The guided missile is performed in two versions 9M120 and 9M120F differing in the warhead type. Intended to fire from Shturm-V systems deployed on Mi-23V, Mi-28, Mi-8AMTSh, and from Shturm-S systems mounted on the 9P149 combat vehicle.

Technical data

Technical Characteristics
Caliber, mm 130
Length, mm 1830
Weight, kg 49.5
Firing range, m 1000...5800
Maximum flight velocity, m/s 550
Allowance of ammunition:
Mi-24V (Mi-28) helicopter 8 (16)
9P149 combat vehicle 12
Operational conditions:
— height range above sea level, m 0...4000
— temperature range, °C ±50

Missile Versions:

9M120 Antitank guided missile

Equipped with a HEAT warhead and is intended to engage tanks of all types, including those screened by ERA.

Penetration at normal to the homogeneous armor with ERA — 800 mm.

Warhead type — tandem, extendable.

9M120F Guided missile

Equipped with a HE/fuel-air explosive warhead and is intended to suppress fire emplacements, bunkers, soft-skinned and lightly armored vehicles, aviation materiel, and sheltered personnel.

Blast effect in TNT equivalent — up to 9.5 kg.