9mm AEK 919K submachine gun

9mm AEK 919K submachine gun


9mm AEK 919K submachine gun is intended to suppress and engage hostile personnel at a range of up to 100m. It is used to equip special units executing combat tasks and combat vehicles crews.

The automatics operation of the submachine gun is based on the use of free-bolt recoil principle.

On the Customer's order the submachine gun can be equipped with the attachments for installation of the collimator sight and the laser target designator.

Technical data

Technical Characteristics
Calibre, mm 9
Mass with magazine (20) without cartridges, kg, maximum 1,8
Muzzle velocity, m/s, minimum 325
Cyclic rate of fire, shots per minute 1000
Overall dimensions with the folded stock, mm 355x55x190
Length with the stock in the combat position, mm, maximum 500
Height with the magazine of 30 cartridges, mm, minimum 240
Magazine capacity, cartridges 20 and 30
Fire mode Single-shot and automatic
Fire accuracy in the sitting rest position when firing to a range of 25 m, cm, maximum:
          - single-shot fire R50 = 4
R100 = 10
          - automatic fire R50 = 9
R100 = 22,5