7.62mm PKM Kalashnikov modernized machine gun

7.62mm PKM Kalashnikov modernized machine gun


The 7.62 mm PKM Kalashnikov modernized machine gun is a powerful self-firer and is intended to kill hostile personnel and fire means as well as engage aerial targets.

Firing is performed from bipods.

The machine gun fires cartridges with conventional, tracer and AP-incendiary bullets and bullets of increased penetrability. The cartridges are fitted in a non-disintegrating belt. The 100 and 200 rd belts are stowed in portable boxes.

The barrel cooling is of air type.

Technical data

The machine gun has a sighting device to fire against targets from different distances.

The PKM machine gun is a gas-operated automatic weapon. The machine gun is outfitted with a gas regulator, three different positions of which ensure the reliable action of automatics in both normal and difficult operating conditions.

Technical data
Caliber, mm 7.62
Rate of fire, rds/min 600...800
Muzzle velocity, m/s 825
Aiming range, m/s up to 1500
Firing height on bipods, mm 300
Belt capacity, rds 100 and 200
Cartridge 7.62×54R
Guarantee resource with two barrels and use of individual SPTA set, rds, no less 25000
Overall dimensions, mm 1160×215×372
Weight, kgж 7.5
Operational temperature range, °C ±50
Combat fire rate, rds/min 250