GSH23 23 mm double-barreled aircraft gun

GSH23 23 mm double-barreled aircraft gun


It is intended for firing with fragmentation-mine, armour-piercing-explosive and armour-piercing-tracer shells from different types of aircrafts and helicopters at air and ground targets.
The work of automated mechanism is based on use of powder gases energy.

The gun can be used on right and left feed and installed on “TU22M”, “MiG” and aircrafts.

The gun is produced in two modifications:
  • GSH-23L — with localizators for directed removal of powder gases and reduction of recoil;
  • GSH-23 — without localizators.

Technical data

Technical Characteristics
Calibre, mm 23
Rate of fire, shot/min 3000-3400
Initial speed of a shell, m/s 700±15
Fixed resource, shot 4000
Fire range control electric (24-29.4V)
Mass, kg
 GSH-23L  50±1.5
 GSH-23  49.2±1.5