2X35 Inserted unified self-loading gun

2X35 Inserted unified self-loading gun


It is designed for carrying out artillery systems exercising and training fire during special training of gun detachments and crews of tanks and self- propelled artillery pieces without basic ammunition expense.
The inserted gun is located in the loading chamber and breech ring of the main system.

Firing is analogous to firing with the main system. Electric trigger of the inserted gun supplies from the tank hull side system directly or from the block of loading simulator.

This very cartridge provides the full coincidence of the bullet trajectory with the main shot trajectory, that helps to fulfill the training tasks more effectively.

The inserted gun is several dozens times more economic during special training of tank and self-propelled crews than firing with principle basic ammunition, because the basic ammunition costs dozens times more expensive than the cartridge 14.5 mm.

Technical data

Technical Characteristics
Calibre, mm 14.5
Initial speed of a bullet, m/s 980
Capacity of a clip, pieces 6
Tension in the electric trigger circuit, V 22-29
Resource, shot 6000
Overall dimensions, mm 1660×175×350
Mass, kg, not more than 29
Rate of fire, shot/min, not more than 10